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Welcome to Leadership Architecture

Founder of Leadership Architecture Paul Corke invites you to experience our most up to date leadership thinking, products, coaching and training to ensure you, your business, and your clients or organisation can maximise your potential into results. There is so much change happening in the world right now that businesses and organisations need to be agile in their approach, whether this being a matter of survival, growing your business or looking to take your organisation to the next level. What will be critical as a business or organisation will be the mindset of your leaders, because it will be leaders who create your culture. So if you want to enhance performance, profitability and growth developing the mindset of your leaders is critical to your ongoing success.


Our Latest Product

Mindset Assessment

"The future of leadership is mindsets not competencies."





The Mindset Equation

(MQi) Assessment & Report

If you are looking to get that cutting edge in performance, enhance your business or are specifically looking to overcome difficulties your mindset is fully understand the importance critical to your success. In fact it has been proven that most barriers we face tend to be mental barriers rather than physical ones and we now of the mind/body relationship. Our mindset and mental health is critical to our success. MQi Assessment provides the following:

  •  Insight into the 7 Significant Mindsets and 21 Mindset Indicators to your success
  •  Your mindset capability assessment in the 7 Mindsets and 21 Indicators
  •  Your hierarchy of preference of the 7 Significant Mindsets
  •  Your timeline view of your mindset
  •  Your conscious and unconscious mind
  •  Your holistic mindset view based on what you do

You will love the insight this 20 page report gives you into your 7 significant mindsets.


Our Latest Training

MQi Self-Assessment Training

Attend our 1 day training and experience the MQi assessment to identify how to develop the 7 significant mindsets and analyse in depth how to develop your mindset to ensure you optimise your success. The day provides you with your completed report and provides you with the tools to develop your mindset and focus on how you can get exceptional results in every aspect of your life.


MQi Assessment & Coaching Accreditation

Become an MQi Coaching Practitioner and be able to use mindset assessment with individuals and clients. For those looking to provide clients with a framework for success, this is a practical coaching tool that drives mindset awareness and integrates the 7 significant mindsets into a personal and professional action plan.


Our Latest Brochures

Leadership Architecture

We have recently updated our brochure to explain what we do, our guiding principles and services to provide insight into Leadership Architecture. For the digital brochure then please click on the picture below:

This explains how we partner with organisations to help define leadership, build leadership capability and provide appropriate responsive solutions.


Leadership Architecture Services

If you are looking for specific training online or face to face then here are our workshops, keynote talks and psychometric solutions:


If you are looking for in time training solutions or a programme of development then we can tailor the above solutions to your organisation or create bespoke training as required through our design studio based on your leadership requirements.


Our latest books

Our Founder Paul Corke's latest books focus on how to reframe and develop your mindset. Based on the exponential change we are experiencing in the world with the recent pandemic, lock down, ongoing technological and economic change it has never been more important to focus on our mindset and mental health. We base our leadership approach around mindset and positive psychology to develop leaders to provide a step change in leadership thinking for leaders, teams and organisations.


The Mindset Journal

The Life Changing Journey

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Reframe Your Mindset

Redefine Your Success

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Our Latest Thinking

The 7 important factors to consider before developing leaders to enhance your employee engagement during times of uncertainty, disruption and change

It is important for organisations to now develop the leaders the world wants to see. This requires a new level of thinking about what leadership means within organisations. Mindset of leaders is critical to this, which can drive congruent thinking across the organisation to achieve results through a shared understanding of leadership. An example of this is as Satya Nadella who took over Microsoft in 2014 explains within Hit Refresh, that he prioritised a focus on growth mindset and developing the mindset of leaders. Prior to 2014 Microsoft stock price stayed roughly the same but after implementing his leadership mindset strategy stock price has since tripled. This vertical leadership development is what will enhance employee engagement and make organisations the most successful and profitable in the future.


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'Great Companies don’t hire skilled workers and motivate them, they hire motivated people and inspire them.'
- Simon Sinek