Paul Corke

Author, Speaker, Coach and Founder

Paul is a Leadership & Mindset expert who builds leadership capability to enhance the culture and productivity of your organisation. Paul provides the thinking, strategy and solutions to develop your leaders to maximise your profitability and future growth, transforming your business culture and performance.

‘Leaders create culture. Culture drives behaviour. Behaviour produces results.’

– Edgar Schein



Paul is an author of four best-selling books focusing on how to develop your mindset to be the best version of you. Paul applies his writings to his business work to develop the mindset of leaders and organisations. He also provides insightful and engaging key note talks on mindset and provides coaching from the content from his books to help others be their personal best.


Speaker & Facilitator

Paul provides engaging, inspiring and interactive key note talks on Mindset and Leadership. Paul was very fortunate to survive the Hillsborough Football Disaster back in 1989 and since then he has completed extensive research into mindset, leadership, success and happiness. Due to that experience he views life as a gift and wants to encourage and support others to be the best version of themselves. Paul has years of experience speaking in the corporate world and at leadership events providing inspirational and engaging key note talks for or facilitation of leadership events, offsites and conferences.


Leadership & Mindset Coach

Paul provides executive and leadership coaching to help the influencers in your organisation think differently and add value. He also provides a premium mindset coaching service for professionals looking to be their best to achieve maximum results and performance. Paul also provides Master Mindset Group coaching for those looking to network, grow their business or develop their mindset and leadership.


Founder & Leadership Architect

Paul is the Founder of an innovative leadership consultancy Leadership Architecture whose objective is to make your organisation more productive and profitable. Leadership Architecture provide consultancy, design and solutions to help the influencers in your organisation think differently and add value.

'I help organisations to create a shared understanding of leadership aligned to the business strategy to develop leaders who can shape the future of their business today.'

- Paul Corke

Specialising in building leadership behavioural models, leadership and organisational mindset assessment, experiential and responsive leadership solutions and providing external insight to future proof leaders and build significant leadership capability.

Paul has previously worked at Lloyds Banking Group, MBNA, Bank of America, Barclaycard, HBOS, Bank of Scotland and Capital Bank in various leadership and leadership development roles across the UK, Ireland, Europe, US and India.

Paul’s mission is to create influential leaders and entrepreneurs to be the leaders the world wants to see. And have some fun along the way! His aim is to help individuals and leaders be the best they can be, helping businesses unlock their full potential.


A Leaders Mindset: How to Think Like a Leader in a Changing World


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An interview with Jamie Lawrence:
Editor at the HR Zone

In this interview Paul lets us know his views on leadership today, the future of leadership and best practice when it comes to developing leaders.


What will leadership look like in the future



"Paul led a 2 day offsite for 50 of our Core Investments team leaders here at AXA-IM. He did a great job in bringing the team together as we are building our culture based on quality, cooperation and trust. The team left the offsite re-energized, with concrete follow-up actions to work on."

- Hans Stoter
Global Head of Core Investments & Member of the Management Board at AXA Investment Managers

"I had the pleasure of meeting Paul when we both spoke at the BSEA Congress in Sibenik, Croatia in October 2019. Paul gave an insightful and high energy talk on leadership development being disrupted by Fintechs. It was one of those lean-in moments, and was very crystalizing for me based upon my experiences in Silicon Valley. Had the good fortune to get to know Paul on a more social level throughout the event, and really enjoyed his candor, humor and thoughtful approach to things. I’m looking forward to crossing paths again!"

- Brett Murray
Executive Director & Head of Strategic Design Innovation – JPMorgan Chase & Co.

"Paul is a dynamic, innovative and highly impressive practitioner. He seamlessly combines his vast experience with fun, accessible and practical solutions which consistently achieve successful outcomes."

- Damian Hughes
Change Management Catalyst and Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change

"Paul worked alongside me on a major change programme. His insights and creativity were invaluable in ensuring leaders could access relevant and focused development to suit all different styles. Paul is a joy to work with and will add value to everything you involve him in!"

- Di Edler
Lloyds Banking Group Integration Manager

"I have experienced Paul speak on a number of occasions and I have actually engaged Paul to speak at events with my own clients and also other events that I have organised. Paul is an energetic and passionate speaker, who really makes sense, whilst challenging your thinking around leadership in this ever changing world that we are in. He has received such positive feedback from attendees and I look forward to having Paul speak at future events too."

- Dave Harrison

"Paul is an extremely engaging speaker, who delivers enormous amounts of energy whilst conveying his message. As a coach, Paul has had a massive impact on my life: Through what felt like a very natural process, Paul coached me from having an absolute and complete phobia of public speaking, to becoming someone that speaks on stage for a living. I could not recommend Paul's coaching skills more highly."

- Barry Hayes
Adventurer and Motivational Speaker

"Paul came to our bi-annual leadership event for managers and spoke to our team about their role as leaders. Paul is engaging, inspiring and enthusiastic. He really motivated our managers to think about their roles and how they work. I received excellent feedback from them after the event and many where inspired to go back to their own teams and work in new and different ways to secure better outcomes."

- Kerry McKevitt

"I worked with Paul Corke for several years on a series of leadership and learning projects with MBNA. He is a first-class thinker and practitioner in the leadership development space, a talented author and highly engaging speaker. I am delighted to recommend Paul to anyone lucky enough to meet him."

- Trevor Merriden
CEO Merriborn Media

"I've worked with Paul over a number of years at Bank of America / MBNA / Lloyds and his LD capability and delivery has been instrumental to the career development of senior leaders across the business. Paul has developed programmes that have added real value to organisational objectives. Leaders from across the organisation have developed and grown and Paul has delivered this with consistent professionalism, creativity and integrity. It has been a pleasure working with Paul."

– Claire Jones
Head of HR Business Partnering at MBNA

"I have worked with Paul Corke for over 10 years. He is both thoughtful and innovative in his approach to Leadership Development. He is not afraid to take risks. He is always driven to develop interventions that impact people's behaviours and consequently produce real business benefits. We worked on a leadership development programme that increased employee engagement from 52 to 92% over four years. He and the business in which he works have rightly been recognised for this achievement. He is also someone who readily gives you his time. He has spoken on behalf of 10Eighty on a number of occasions and he is an engaging and thought provoking speaker."

"I am proud to say I have worked with Paul Corke."

- Michael Moran
CEO 10Eighty

"Paul is an outstanding educator and developer of people. We worked closely together to provide innovative solutions within MBNA. Paul brings creativity and innovation to leadership development and is a pleasure to work with."

- Stephen McCafferty
Group Head of Organisation and People Development at European Investment Bank

"Paul is a thinker, philosopher, and scholar. He is also a leader and a motivator and he knows how to get people moving to deliver. Paul's knowledge and thought leadership is excellent and his work ethos and motivation really stand out. He uses his inbuilt desire to learn to drive others to develop themselves. Paul is not only an asset to any leadership team, but to any business he works with."

- Matthew Dowsett
Change Consultant People and Process Improvement at Lloyds Banking Group

"Working with Paul has been a delight. We’ve worked together on multiple occasions, helping to develop leaders in the financial services industry. I’ve always found Paul engaged, engaging and impactful."

- Mark Batey
PhD Psychol Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Academic and Speaker

"I have worked with Paul for a number of years. Paul is a deep thinker and thought leader in the area of leadership development. He is exceptional at both developing and delivering leadership development strategies. He is creative, collaborative and exceptionally likeable in how he goes about his work. I know I can trust Paul to deliver to a high standard. I would highly recommend Paul to any team as a senior leadership development professional."

- Marc Whitmore
Organisational Development and Engagement Expert at Whitmore HR Consulting