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The Mindset Journal

20th May 2020

Next month see's the launch of my new product the Mindset Journal. Really excited in developing a range of journals to help peoples mental health and develop their mindset especially during these times of pandemic, lock down nd self isolation.

The Mindset Journal

The revolutionary life changing mindset journal is now available to help you program your mind for success and to enhance your mental health and well-being. There has never been a greater time to reframe your thinking based on the exponential change happening in the world right now and here is a scientifically proven journal that will enhance your mindset and your life.

* A journal for everyone that helps you develop your mindset to be the best version of you.
* Transforming concepts based on positive psychology that will engage, enable and excite you into action.
* A way to navigate the exponential change we are all facing in the world right now.
* Self-discovery journeys for you to explore to develop your mindset and resilience.
* Based on 30 years research into mindset learning from the best at what they do.
* Flexibility to use as a 90 day, 90 week or 90 month journal to suit your needs.
* Maintain and enhance your mental health with this workout and reflection.

The Mindset Journal uses proven positive psychology tools and techniques to help you enhance and develop your mindset. It is based on the 'Mindset Equation' with over 30 years of research into mindset and learning from the best at what they do. It develops you with powerful lessons and questions for your mindset development.

And there are extension packs and additional tools to follow to keep your journey going.

Available in a range of colours with the original orange version and Space Grey, Perfect Pink and Cool Blue to follow shortly in the weeks to come.

The Mindset Journal is the ultimate mindset, performance and results journal.

Find out more by purchasing your copy to transform your life and join the 'I Will' revolution today….

Adapting to the New World of Lock Down & Self Isolation

25th April 2020

Like everyone the unexpected pandemic has played havoc with my business and the normal ways of working. The initial impact for me was the cancellation of a speaking gig in Barcelona so very disappointing with more speaking engagements moved or cancelled. The same for the consultancy side of my business so the steady roll of new business and potential new clients seeming to disappear because of new priorities which is understandable. We have all been experiencing a massive shift in the way we work and how we think about the world. And life is far more precious than business at the end of the day.

My only comment about how it has all been handled in the UK, well the evidence of how acting swiftly by others countries has limited the death toll speaks volumes.

So like most things in life when obstacles come along you can either see opportunity or negativity, and in earnest being in business you always need to see the opportunity or you won't survive. So after a good conversation with a friend of mine, Trevor Merriden, the sound advice was to act quick. So I pulled together a series of free webinars called Reframe Your Mindset 2020 to help with mindset tips for lock down and self isolation. The series focused on making mindset tips and techniques simple for anyone to pick up and use.

And it was from this that I then developed a series of mini pod clips that bring out those concepts and tips in very simple form like the Resilience Backpack, the Stress Bucket, Managing the Monkey, Playing from a 10 as examples of helping people maintain or enhance their mental health during this time.

And at the same time, in the background, adapting what I do to the virtual world of Zoom and the likes to be able to deliver online training, keynote talks and coaching virtually. I have to admit I'm massively missing the speaker circuit and the face to face contact but it has been an intriguing and insightful journey moving into that virtual space.

So what next well I have a new product coming so more on that in the next blog but keeping a positive outlook, enjoying lock down no matter the pressures as much as we can and looking for opportunities is key to moving forwards. And that is it sometimes just keep moving forwards and the rest will follow.

Keep smiling.

Book Launch After Dinner Speech at the Gherkin, London

5th March 2020

I've been working in partnership with a leading Careers & Leadership Consultancy 10Eighty and I was recently invited to make an after dinner speech at the Searcy Bar at the Gherkin in London. Another amazing venue to add to the list with a view across the London landscape reflected in the windows made for a great setting. As always at iconic venues the food and wine along with a great group of CEO, HR Directors and Business Leaders formed around the table. Micheal Moran CEO of 10Eighty opened and allowed me the courtesy to be the main attraction for the night as a book launch event for Reframe Your Mindset: Redefine your Success.

In 20 mins this gave me the opportunity to not only talk about the book but also share part of my journey and my motivation for writing the book. Generally in life it is the experiences we have that shape who we are. So to be able to explain why the book enables me to create my own legacy and the reason for this along with sharing my own personal viewpoint on life was an enjoyable experience. And a little on a certain Ghost story I like to tell to add to understanding my fascination with mindset!

What was very fulfilling about the night was the discussion on culture, leadership and mindset within organisations. It was truly enlightening listening and airing experiences and with so much uncertainty in the world right now it was good to cross reference from company to company and across industries. And to understand the commitment to driving the right employee experience and culture within organisations.

I for one enjoyed a great evening and made some great new contacts who I look forward to meeting again. And as I am typing this we are now in the midst of a new challenge together and this will take reframing our mindset to overcome our new adversity together. Because together we are always more.

Sales Dojo Key Note Talk at St Georges Hall Liverpool

14th February 2020

What a venue to be asked to present at St Georges Hall in Liverpool. St George's Hall is in the centre of Liverpool opposite Lime Street railway station. Opened in 1854, it is a building in Neoclassical style which contains concert halls and law courts, and is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building. So when I was asked to present at the Sales Dojo Networking Event on the Mindset Equation it was a no brainer with the event wrapped around Valentines Day. So hats of to Leon McCowan for arranging and great to share the stage with Chris Dawson and Karen Deas who gave inspirational talks respectively on top selling tips from Chris and an abundance mindset from Karen.

For me it was an opportunity to talk about mindset in relation to sales and share some stories and expriences to talk about the importance of picking up on buying signals, creating pictures in the customers mind based on their motivational drives and how to leave the customer wanting more. I'd previously worked in sales earlier on in my career so it was good to share some of the tips from selling and from sales training.

Once again what a great venue to talk at and I felt privileged to be able to say I have given a talk and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Karen Deas provided endorsement for my talk, "I had the privelage of sharing the stage with Paul at the Sales Dojo in St Georges Hall, Liverpool. Paul has natural flair for presenting and talking to large audiences, he is relatable, charasmatic and puts the audience at ease with his confidence, humour and teaching style. I Learnt a lot from Paul's talk on Leadership, He clearly knows his stuff and is passionate about sharing the knowledge."

And straight after the talk it was time to leave the kids at home with the Grandmother for me and Mrs Corke to travel to Anglesey to the lovely Chateau Rhianfa for a lovely couple of days in the Welsh Mountains. And with a view over to Snowden and a bottle of champagne on ice to celebrate the day what more can you ask for. It's the simple things in life.

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