Leadership & Mindset Coaching

If you are looking for a coach that will help you:

  • Build your confidence and resilience
  • Increase your positivity
  • Enhance your mindset
  • Develop your leadership capability
  • Overcome mental barriers
  • Provide clarity and listen

Then Paul provides a range of different types of coaching services tailored to your needs or to the needs of your leaders/organisation.

To help you create the life or career or both you want then contact Paul to discuss the packages available to you to suit your needs.

Develop The Right Mindset For Success

 Type of Coaching

Paul focuses on identifying the type of coaching required firstly i.e. Executive, Career, Leadership, Life, Performance Coaching as examples and then agrees the environment with you.

 The Environment

So coaching in the workplace, virtual coaching, on the golf course, walking or trekking, from your home to novel locations in an environment that suits you. To then focusing on your agenda

 Your Agenda

Paul identifies through coaching what your objectives are and ensures you have well thought through strategies to develop your mindset and leadership. Paul uses recognised leadership tools and psychometric reports to develop your self-awareness when appropriate for your development.

Paul provides his overall coaching approach based on the philosophy, content and insight from his books to provide both mindset and leadership development. Paul has a Masters in Executive Coaching as well as ILM 7 in Coaching and Mentoring, he is an accredited coach and has over 25 years’ coaching experience working in large organisations, and as a life coach.


For more information please contact info@Leadershiparchitect.co.uk


Paul’s Master Mindset Group Coaching

Paul‘s ‘Master Mindset’ Groups are self, leadership, and business development networking groups. Using the content from his books, Paul facilitates Master Mindset Groups, to deliver powerful mindset & leadership lessons.

In the group, you will focus on developing your mindset to be the best version of you, develop your leadership skills, and also apply the lessons to building your new or existing business.

Groups of 12-16 individuals come together to have a unique mindset learning and development experience, whilst at the same time, the opportunity to network with like-minded people and leaders.

Paul facilitates face-to-face and virtual open groups for individuals and businesses. He also uses the approach to work within organisations to bring leaders from across the business together to develop, grow and develop their business culture.

Paul also runs cross-organisational groups, bringing leaders from different sectors and backgrounds to learn, develop, and share experiences.

Paul has previously spent 25 years plus developing leaders in the corporate world through a range of different approaches, to provide a responsive, experiential, collaborative, and innovative approach to Leadership Development. Paul now owns his own successful leadership consultancy called, ‘Leadership Architecture’, defining leadership for organisations, along with providing appropriate leadership architecture and solutions to drive organisational effectiveness and profitability.



For more information please contact info@Leadershiparchitect.co.uk