Leadership Architecture

At Leadership Architecture we create leaders who add value and who impact your business strategy to create your desired culture, enhance organisational performance and maximise profitability.

We do this by consulting with you to understand your business strategy, identify your organisational conditioning and assess your current level of leadership capability. This is about understanding your past, your present challenges or burning platform and how you see your organisation moving in to the future.

Once we understand the full picture we then ensure you have the right leadership architecture in place to create the foundation and blueprint for leadership success in your organisation. This ensures leaders have a shared understanding of what leadership means and they get appropriate development to build their leadership capability for long term culture change.


What We Do

We create leaders and future proof them by building leadership architecture and an effective leadership development strategy for your organisation.

To be able to build leadership capability in this digital age of disruption and uncertainty it is essential your leaders have a shared understanding of what good looks like. For example, to build magnificent skyscrapers in the sky it takes well defined architectural plans to support the vision, and then consistent action based on those plans to achieve that vision.

We can follow the same blueprint for success for leadership if you believe that leaders can be made and this is a process called leadership by design. We help you to create the right leadership architecture for your organisation no matter the size to ensure you have leaders who can shape the future of your business.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple we believe that leaders can be made.

We also believe that everyone is a leader so leaders should empower and enable their people to be leaders themselves.

We do this by providing a shared understanding of leadership as we lay the foundations and create the blueprint for leadership success first to ensure we reach the right solutions.

So we work with you on the details developing bespoke leadership architecture for your organisation.


Our Guiding Principles

Our approach is to...

  • An 'Holistic' approach to align to your business strategy and provide a 'Responsive' approach
  • Provide organisations and leaders with 'Clarity' through shared understanding.
  • Help leaders develop an agile and resilient Leadership 'Mindset' and develop their 'Self-Awareness'.
  • Focus on and provide advice on solutions which are 'Strengths Based', 'Experiential', 'Innovative', and 'Future' focused.
  • Provide leaders with 'Practical' ideas and tools to help them be the best leader they can be.
  • Support organisations and leaders to develop with a 'Career Centred and Development' approach.



How We Work With You?

We partner with you by either…

  • Leading on developing your leaders to create bespoke leadership architecture and LD Strategy for your organisation.
  • Partnering as you lead your leadership strategy and provide our services and consultancy expertise as required to work with you.
  • Or we can provide one off events, framework, toolkits or content to support your needs as required.


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