The Mindset Journal

The Mindset Journal: The Life Changing Journey

The revolutionary life changing mindset journal is now available to help you program your mind for success and to enhance your mental health and well-being. There has never been a greater time to reframe your thinking based on the exponential change happening in the world right now and here is a scientifically proven journal that will enhance your mindset and your life.

  • A journal for everyone that helps you develop your mindset to be the best version of you.
  • Transforming concepts based on positive psychology that will engage, enable and excite you into action.
  • A way to navigate the exponential change we are all facing in the world right now.
  • Self-discovery journeys for you to explore to develop your mindset and resilience.
  • Based on 30 years research into mindset learning from the best at what they do.
  • Flexibility to use as a 90 day, 90 week or 90 month journal to suit your needs.
  • Maintain and enhance your mental health with this workout and reflection.

The Mindset Journal uses proven positive psychology tools and techniques to help you enhance and develop your mindset. It is based on the 'Mindset Equation' with over 30 years of research into mindset and learning from the best at what they do. It develops you with powerful lessons and questions for your mindset development.

And there are extension packs and additional tools to follow to keep your journey going.

Available in a range of colours with the original orange version and Space Grey, Perfect Pink and Cool Blue to follow shortly in the weeks to come.

The Mindset Journal is the ultimate mindset, performance and results planner.

Find out more by purchasing your copy to transform your life and join the 'I Will' revolution today….

The Mindset Journal Mini Pod Clips:

The Resilience Backpack
The Stress Bucket
Monkey Management
Playing from a 10
The Success Paradigm
Eat the Frog/Drink the Juice
The Goat


The Reframe Your Mindset Webinars

The Importance of Reframing Your Mindset for 2020
Mental Health Tips for Self-Isolation                 
Understanding and Applying the Mindset Equation


Reframe Your Mindset

Redefine your Success

The Mindset Journal is based on the book Reframe Your Mindset: Redefine Your Success


The ultimate resource to support your planner which provides insight into the Mindset Equation to enhance your mindset. These tools will fully equip you for now and in the future to be the best version of you every day and maximise the results you want in your life and live the life you want to live.